Disney T-Shirt Dilemma

It’s no secret that I have a huge obsession with Disney themed shirts. But more than that, I love uniquely (almost one of a kind) designed Disney t-shirts. I really detest most of the shirts found in Disney parks, simply because EVERYONE is wearing them, and they’re about 3 times the price of what they should cost. Just to name a few of my recent accruments: A lovely Star Wars/Haunted Mansion get-up Ryan and I got from Teefury, a Vintage Mickey tank from Wally World, and an awesomely cheap Olaf shirt from Kohls.

With our upcoming trip in September only lasting  5 days, I’m really running out of park days to wear my new Disney shirts. But when I found this epic tank from a Facebook page called Sarah’s Scribbles, I knew I had room for at least ONE more! 🙂



This is by far my favoritest (now I’m making up words) shirt ever! I especially love the cute chevron minnie head on the back.




I ordered it through an Etsy link that Sarah sent me and was lucky enough that my size/color was available, so it shipped out really quick (Thanks, Sarah!!). I cannot exclaim enough how good the quality (print and fabric) is! The fabric blend (65% polyester & 35% viscose) is super soft.. I’ve never heard of viscose but I’m officially a huge fan!

So basically I just have one big decision to make… Do I wear this beauty on day 1 and instantly satisfy my excitement to wear it?  Or do I savor anticipation until later that week?

Maybe I should just wear it ALL week… Ha!

God Bless,



To order your own “I Can’t Keep Calm I’m at Disney Shirt”, visit Sarah’s Etsy page

Or to see some of her other adorable creations, visit her Facebook page Sarah’s Scribbles