I Don’t Need to See Aborted Baby Parts…


Before anyone says it, I know that if I don’t want to see it, I can keep scrolling as I please. And I do. Planned Parenthood is disgusting, and it hurts my heart that tax dollars affiliate in any way with such a perverse company. And I do agree that we need to take action to abolish this horrible act of killing.┬áBut I do not agree with the way we are doing it.

Posting pictures or videos of post aborted babies may convert someone who hasn’t been exposed to the process, but it’s more than likely going to lead to guilt or a defensive mentality. How are we to win others to Christ with this approach?

I saw a Church sign the other day that said “Stop, Drop, and Roll doesn’t work in Hell”. And I thought to myself, have we really gotten to this point? That all we can do is SCARE┬ápeople into heaven? It’s like we think this tactic automatically opts them into a relationship with Christ, when all it does is discourage them and cause them to wonder why we’re all hypocrites.

We’re giving people the wrong kind of exposure. Instead of tearing down monopolies that make millions, we need to be winning the hearts of those who are scared and lonely and are facing a serious decision. We need them to see why it’s important they treasure the blessing they are given- because God has a sovereign purpose for that life they are sustaining.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the birth of the sweet baby girl in the picture above. It’s also the 1 year anniversary of the first time I ever witnessed the beautiful process of child birth. I watched as her mother, sacrificed her body, her comfort, and commit the next 18 years of her life to this beautiful baby girl. It was remarkable. It scared me, but seeing a brand new life enter the world, ready to start the journey God gives her, made all that fear and uncertainty seem so small.

I’m thankful to have been a part of her grand appearance. Not that I ever thought before then that abortion was ok, but I was mesmerized by the power of my God. I wasn’t scared into the thought of having children someday, I was inspired.

Inspiration has the power to overshadow fear. This world doesn’t need judgement or fear. This world needs inspiration and joy.

Be Blessed,