Still Good

Dear Christians,

Don’t ever forget that your job is less about being a perfect depiction of Christ, and more about being a flawed human trying to follow the only perfect being.

After all- Jesus didn’t come down to earth and strike us with His mighty power, seeking vengeance against all who had turned away- He humbled Himself and came as what we all consider the ultimate weak vessel- a baby. (Philippians 2:5-8)

Don’t think that your struggles are a punishment for disobedience, or lack of value. 

– Jesus took your penalty and ended all punishment when He died for you on the cross. It’s paid. It’s finished. You are redeemed. Celebrate that! (Romans 3:22)

Don’t forget that you are where you are for a reason. There is a plan and a purpose for your life (Jeremiah 29:11), and our Creator is in control.

– He is ever so present and able. But His plan is sovereign. He not only sees yesterday and today, but tomorrow too. We can give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18), knowing that God is in control and He knows what He is doing.


I am a far from perfect person, and I am humbled daily by my mistakes and struggles. One of my biggest struggles in life has been anxiety, but God continues to save me from it daily. This song, by MercyMe, spoke to my heart one day- That God is able and faithful. But if His will is not mine, I’d rather live through anything I’m dealing with. My hope is in HIM alone.

Even If- MercyMe

They say sometimes you win some
Sometimes you lose some
And right now, right now I’m losing bad
I’ve stood on this stage night after night
Reminding the broken it’ll be alright
But right now, oh right now I just can’t
It’s easy to sing
When there’s nothing to bring me down
But what will I say
When I’m held to the flame
Like I am right now
I know You’re able and I know You can
Save through the fire with Your mighty hand
But even if You don’t
My hope is You alone
They say it only takes a little faith
To move a mountain
Well good thing
A little faith is all I have, right now
But God, when You choose
To leave mountains unmovable
Oh give me the strength to be able to sing
It is well with my soul



Why I’m Taking a Break From Facebook

If you had to become whatever it is you do constantly, what would that be? Some of you spend so much time on or at the field, you might be a softball or football star. Some work so much or strive for that next promotion, you may be a business owner or manager.

We often think that the things we do consume our lives. Me especially. I’m planning a wedding, preparing for marriage, renovating an old home, working full time. But consuming can be less than an action- it can be a mental focus.

Merriam Webster Definition:


adjective: consuming
  1. (of a feeling) completely filling one’s mind and attention; absorbing.
    “a consuming passion”

What are you allowing to control your mind and hold your attention? It could be an addiction (not just drugs or alcohol, but facebook or money). It could be a fear, worry, or anxiety (I have an inconsolable fear of driving on the interstate- stupid I know. But if you have any sort of true phobia, you know what I’m dealing with).

The phrase “You can do anything you put your mind to” has some sort of truth to it. Your actions are 100% controlled by your thoughts. Cooking a recipe requires reading the ingredients and steps, gathering the supplies, and being attentive to the time. Road rage is set off by anger or frustration. Even though you don’t have to contemplate before taking a breath, your brain sub-consciously works to make it happen. Decisions and actions all start with a thought…

When becoming a Christ follower, we are called to be “…renewed in the spirit of [our] minds” (Ephesians 4:23b). Paul explains that this is how we correct any corruption in our lives (by thinking Godly instead of worldly). That is because our thoughts lead to actions, and actions lead to consequences. Our minds are powerful, but they are vulnerable to what we allow to consume them.

I’ve noticed lately that not only am I consumed with spending time on facebook, but the “facebook world” is occupying too much of my mind. My mood is contingent on what the news on my newsfeed is whenever I look at it. I dwell too much on drama I come across on there. Yesterday I spent a solid 30 minutes watching some troll bash my favorite photographer on her own page….Yes, I’m pathetic. So it’s clear to me that I need to take a break from this distraction. I have so many more important things that I need God to help me with. This facebook detox (or intervention) is not for me to fill the void with anything other than God alone.

Lord, I pray that you will consume my heart and mind. Fill it completely and fully with your desires for me, and realign my compass to the path you have laid out for me. I pray that you will use this time to help me focus on prepare for more than just a wedding, but a life of being a help mate, and that you would block out any worry or stress that this time might be subjected to. Bring me closer to You. Renew my mind. Amen.

I will still be blogging on here, but won’t be on facebook for a while. Could be next month, might be after I’m a married woman. Who knows! lol But if you want to continue reading my blog posts, you’ll have to subscribe because they probably won’t make it to facebook (unless someone that follows me shares it).

So long for now, Facebook!


I Don’t Need to See Aborted Baby Parts…


Before anyone says it, I know that if I don’t want to see it, I can keep scrolling as I please. And I do. Planned Parenthood is disgusting, and it hurts my heart that tax dollars affiliate in any way with such a perverse company. And I do agree that we need to take action to abolish this horrible act of killing. But I do not agree with the way we are doing it.

Posting pictures or videos of post aborted babies may convert someone who hasn’t been exposed to the process, but it’s more than likely going to lead to guilt or a defensive mentality. How are we to win others to Christ with this approach?

I saw a Church sign the other day that said “Stop, Drop, and Roll doesn’t work in Hell”. And I thought to myself, have we really gotten to this point? That all we can do is SCARE people into heaven? It’s like we think this tactic automatically opts them into a relationship with Christ, when all it does is discourage them and cause them to wonder why we’re all hypocrites.

We’re giving people the wrong kind of exposure. Instead of tearing down monopolies that make millions, we need to be winning the hearts of those who are scared and lonely and are facing a serious decision. We need them to see why it’s important they treasure the blessing they are given- because God has a sovereign purpose for that life they are sustaining.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the birth of the sweet baby girl in the picture above. It’s also the 1 year anniversary of the first time I ever witnessed the beautiful process of child birth. I watched as her mother, sacrificed her body, her comfort, and commit the next 18 years of her life to this beautiful baby girl. It was remarkable. It scared me, but seeing a brand new life enter the world, ready to start the journey God gives her, made all that fear and uncertainty seem so small.

I’m thankful to have been a part of her grand appearance. Not that I ever thought before then that abortion was ok, but I was mesmerized by the power of my God. I wasn’t scared into the thought of having children someday, I was inspired.

Inspiration has the power to overshadow fear. This world doesn’t need judgement or fear. This world needs inspiration and joy.

Be Blessed,


Salt & Light

I often wonder what being a Christian looks like to outsiders, and I guess that opinion can vary depending on who the person has been exposed to.


So many variables play into the way a person sees anything really. If you’ve had daddy issues or been in an abusive relationship, you’re more likely to not trust men in general. But then again, you may have a strong desire for male approval. Depending on how you were raised, you may prefer to be in control or be led. No matter the case, each person responds in their own way, with their own expectations, triggered by past experiences. Your personality type, gender and priorities factor greatly into how you react or respond to life’s journey.

I became a Christian when I was 9 years old. When I say I became a Christian, I mean that I “asked God into my heart”. To me, this means that I suddenly realized that I was a sinner (as much of a sinner as a 9 year old can be), and I accepted the gift of Christ dying on the cross in my place because I was a sinner. Did I understand what that meant? Sure. I understood salvation. I understood that the only way to get to heaven was through Jesus, and that without Him, I was lost. I got saved one night after a “Heaven’s gates, Hell’s Flame’s” play. If you don’t know what that is, don’t YouTube it because it will scare the Hell out of you- literally. I was afraid of going to Hell. In fact, I prayed many times that God “save” me when I was young because I was afraid that maybe I didn’t do it the right way. I mean God forbid that I die suddenly by falling off the jungle gym and go straight to hell because I didn’t pray the right way!

I became a Christ follower much later in life. What’s the difference, you ask? Allow me to explain this first hand. You become a Christ follower when you SEE God. No, I’m not explaining a supernatural experience, nor have I drunk any Kool-Aid lately. Perhaps a better way of putting it would be that your eyes are OPENED to God, and what He’s about. When you feel His grace and you “Let go and let God”, you free yourself of YOU, and there’s more room for Him. See, when your life is committed to God, you are aligned with His plan, and His plan is perfect. Always. As Christians, we seem to make it more about what we’re supposed to do, when He has already done what needed to be done. By doing this, we are limiting Christianity and God’s vision.

We also limit ourselves. I had a moment with God the other day. One of those “eye-opening” moments. I was praying to God about a person whom my heart was hurting for- An atheist, who had openly shared with me their views on their existence. Someone who politely listened to my viewpoints, and even politely responded that it was ok that I believed the way I did. I was particularly praying because I KNEW God had put this person in my life for a reason, but I was scared. Scared of saying the wrong thing and jeopardizing the slightest chance of them considering kicking the tires of Christianity. I was scared of the consequences I would face for confronting this person about their beliefs. Now a days, you never know what will happen when standing up for Christianity. But God calmed my fears and helped me understand (through prayer) that the consequences of this world are not His consequences.

Even going to Hell is not His consequence- it’s your choice. Consequences existed the moment a choice was made. When Adam and Eve deliberately sinned in the garden, they created consequences for actions. From that point on, we had a choice.

The point of this post, and what God has laid on my heart, is that we can’t just become a Christian for a “Get out of Hell free” pass. We also cannot become a Christian because we seek comfort- that’s essentially worshipping an idol. Being a Christian isn’t rainbows and roses. You will go through hardship, and you will be burned. The difference is- you can count on being a part of God’s plan and know that He will not harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).

I heard the most remarkable statement from my Pastor Sunday, and I will never let myself forget it. It fits perfectly into this story:

“If the only purpose to being a Christian was to go to heaven, then God would take our lives the moment we became one”.

I’m challenging myself this year to actively minister to at least my little world. I can’t be a perfect example of a Christian, but I can point you to a God who is perfect and wants you to be a part of His story. If you want to join me in this “Salt and Light” challenge, please let me know and I will personally pray for you.
Please, please, PLEASE pray for my friend, the atheist. Pray that God tugs at their heart. I don’t feel led to pursue them, but I truly believe God will open another window for me to share with them. I’m thankful to have planted the seed that I did, but it’s going to take more. It’s going to take God.

Get out of the Ditch

IMG_5541I have a tendency to get sidetracked. I blame it on my undiagnosed ADD (which my fiance -wow-it-feels-weird-saying-that-still- strongly denies exists), but sometimes I think I may just be trying to avoid overwhelming situations. That’s why my laundry usually piles up, my car is always dirty, and I just can’t seem to decide on what I thought would be the easiest wedding decision- colors. Things that I manage to keep under control don’t bother me. For example- dishes, which I never let pile up, therefore they never stress me out. But put too many options in front of me or let me get behind on something, and I will instantaneously freeze up or avoid it all together.

Distractions can be costly. Take exhibit A: the shocking picture of my dad’s old 1987 Nissan Sentra in a ditch… Just wait… it gets better. Yes, I can laugh my hind end off about it now. In fact I can’t look at the picture without chuckling (odd reaction, I know), but only because it’s been 11 years since the incident occurred. I was 15 years old and had my learner’s permit. My dad was in the passenger seat, and we had just stopped to get gas at a small convenience store. It was dark. I don’t remember where we were heading.. I just know it was dark. I still don’t like driving in the dark. I pulled off from the gas pump and was heading towards the exit… Except I missed the exit completely. That’s right… I ran straight into the ditch. Face first, pointed straight up and down, I hollered at my dad, “Dad! Did I just wreck the car!?”. My eyes were forced shut and I couldn’t break myself to open them. “UM…Yea, baby, I’d say you did. Haha!”.

Ok, I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m headed with this. I just feel like (I/we/you) tend to let distractions prevent us from allowing us to see the provisions God has made for us. You see, the reason I ran straight into the sneaky ditch that jumped out of nowhere, was because my focus was off. Instead of making it to the ramp provided for exiting the gas station, I was jumping the gun, looking both ways on the road I was heading towards. But the time had not come for that yet. At that point I should have been focused on what I was driving towards until I stopped. THEN I could have looked both ways. My focus was on getting OUT of the parking lot before I was capable. I was too concerned about pulling out before traffic approached, that I missed the ramp that was there to guide me out.

Have you ever had a moment where your anticipation caused you to miss an opportunity? Sometimes I feel like I get to carried away in the “just working through to Friday” routine. I rush through the week, only for the weekend to fly by. When I actually take a moment to enjoy every day, I get so much more out of life.

But I don’t just believe we should just stop and smell the roses for our enjoyment, we should look for lessons that God is showing us. Have you ever thought about the fact that you are experiencing exactly what God wants you to experience? Whether it’s a consequence to an action, or a challenge you’re facing to strengthen your faith- God has placed you there. These experiences are intended to help us be better- yet more humble, stronger- yet kinder, persistent- yet passive.

So get out of the ditch. Look for the lesson. Grow in your faith. And share your experience. You are here for a purpose- Live it!

Love you guys, and hope you are having an awesome 2015 so far!


One Year of Sharing

DSC_0164 (2)

365 days have flown by since I posted my first Blog Post! My life has changed so much, in good ways and in sad ways.

  1. The year started out rough when I wrecked my car.
  2. I enjoyed more snow days this year than I ever have since the late 90’s
  3. One of my BESTEST Friends found out she was pregnant in February, and gave birth to one of the most beautiful little girls ever on a very special day 10/18- My Birthday!
  4. We lost 2 very special family members this year, but we can rejoice in knowing where they are!
  5. I started a new hobby- photography. Really, it’s my ONLY hobby.. The only real one I’ve ever really stuck with. Which explains my uber excitement!
  6. I got to (almost pretty much) witness the birth of one of Ryan’s sweet little cousins. Ok, I didn’t actually see her be born, but only due to a last minute emergency c-section.
  7. Ryan and I officially became land owners! Whoop whoop! Let the building begin!
  8. I found true peace & happiness.
  9. I said yes at Disney World! 🙂
  10. I’ve had some amazing opportunities to witness and share my testimony to some awesome people God has allowed me to cross paths with. No greater joy!

So, yea…. 2014 has been pretty remarkable. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more memorable year! I’m kinda sad to see the end of it approaching, but I also have a LOT to look forward to. I can’t wait to continue Sharing the Good Things with you all!

I love each and every one of you. Seriously.

God Bless,


My Disney Proposal

It was the best day of my life… But I didn’t know that yet.


I knew it was a good day. You know, one of those days where everything lines up just right, and it seems like where you’re at is where you’re supposed to be? We were on our way to our favorite vacation spot- Disney World. We had ventured out the day before, and made our typical stop in Valdosta, so on August 31, 2014 we were waking up only 3 hours away from our final destination. It had been a smooth trip. No traffic -not even through Atlanta (Other than a little pile up about 30 miles before ATL)!

It wasn’t just traffic that was optimal. Throughout the trip, we experienced all sorts of blessings. One for example was our room. We were SO close to the bus stops- which means less walking. And less walking at Disney, is a GREAT thing! 😉

Looking back, there were a few weird moments, but nothing that stuck out at the time.

  1. When we first arrived, Ryan asked if I would make the second/final trip to the car to get the remaining bags. I went, but wondered why he wanted ME to do it because my normally very chivalrous boyfriend would never insist that I take on an extra load. I chalked it up to the car being parked so close and him being drained from driving the whole way. Later it turns out, he needed me distracted while he put the ring in his backpack. 🙂


2. Secondly, when we got unpacked and headed to the bus stops, Ryan asked if I had grabbed the phone chargers. I said no, and argued that we wouldn’t need them. He insisted that I run BACK to the room and get them. hmph! I stomped my little aggravated butt back to the room and made it back within 5 minutes… Only to find that there was no Ryan. Panic Mode. Thinking I had been LEFT behind while Ryan ventured into the parks, I called. And called. And called. No answer. Then up be-bops Ryan towards the bus stop I’m at, out from the lobby. I expressed my anger, and Ryan explained that he had to use the restroom before we left, so he had ran inside for a minute. On the contrary, my sneaky man had ran to the front desk to get some “Just Engaged” buttons to commemorate our future special moment. *sigh*


I could go on and on about our day in the Parks (Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom), and how magical everything was- walking straight on to every ride, the perfect weather, the first time Boma dining experience. But I’ll save that all for my trip report, because I know what you really want to hear is how it happened!

The Story

It was about 9 o’ clock, and we decided to hop (First time ever doing this!) over to the Magic Kingdom and enjoy the extra magic hours that lasted until 2AM. As we walked in, the parade was working it’s way down mainstreet- talk about feeling the magic!

We had decided to forego the parade and fireworks and just walk leisurely around the park while everyone was watching, and jump on some rides while they didn’t have wait times. I was a little bummed at first because I LOVE the Mainstreet Electrical Parade. It’s one of the highlights of my trip every year. In fact, I’ll probably cry when they decide to get rid of it. It holds so many memories of Disney- My sister and I used to dance all over the living room to the song. 🙂 But, I knew we would catch it sooner or later in the week, so we moved on.

We rode Haunted Mansion and then Pirates, and I got some pretty epic shots of both entrances, as well as Wishes Fireworks going on behind the Liberty Bell Riverboat playing around with my DSLR!

DSC_0329 DSC_0331 DSC_0338

Then we decided to head over to Tomorrowland, and this is where things went CRAZY! 😉

It was about a quarter after 11, and by the time we reached the hub (where the castle is), the Mainstreet Electrical Parade (there were 2 showings that night, and this was the second one) was circling around the right side. This meant we could not cross over to Tomorrowland, so we stood from afar and watched the parade go by. I took this.


I noticed a bench was open in the hub, so I suggested we go sit down, and we did.

Well that lasted only a few moments…

Ryan: Let’s go look at the Partners Statue.

Me: Why? You can’t see the parade from there. And we have a bench. (haha! I’m a tad lazy)

Ryan: Because I just want to look at it.

Me: Whatever…

We walk over. Ryan’s hands are on my shoulder guiding me, as if I couldn’t find it. And just as I become annoyed at this fact, I feel him draw near to my ear.

Ryan: I need to ask  you something. 🙂

Kaila: Ok….

Ryan spins me around to face him. I’ve never seen him smile like he’s smiling right now. I think I know what’s happening, but it seems so unreal that I think I’m dreaming. This can’t be happening…

Ryan: You’ve waited a long time for me…

He reaches in his bag. Ok, now I’m ugly crying. Thanks, ridiculously sentimental statue. Thanks, emotionally attached parade currently circling around us. And as if that wasn’t enough, the romantic low lighting of the castle was majestically glowing down on us.

Me: Oh my gosh… Oh my gosh… Is this real? Am I dreaming?

Ryan : Will you marry me?

Loud heavy sobs. Shaking. All while I’m frantically shaking my head yes. Because that’s all I have to do right? No, wait! I have to say something!

Ryan: Is that a yes? Haha!



Why We’re Not Married


“When are y’all gonna get married?”

That’s obviously the most frequently asked question to me and my boyfriend of 8 1/2 years. I can understand why though. In today’s day and age, it’s not typical to have a non-marital relationship that lasts longer than the average marriage in the United States (which is 7.5-8 years). However, those that are in the same boat usually are because they feel their dynamic is better that way.

That’s not the case for us.

We definitely want to get married, no offense to them. Marriage is just very important to Ryan and I. We believe in the whole “first comes love, then comes marriage, then….”, well ya know the rest. Call us old fashioned, or pin it on “religion”, but you’ll understand our perspective by the end of this post.

I won’t lie and say I’ve never had a moment where I thought… It’s never going to happen for us or what’s wrong with me? 8 and a half years can make a girl question herself. And I’ve definitely been impatient sometimes. There’s been moments were I thought I should just give up on my dreams, or quit living for the future. But time and time again, God has revealed His plan for us and confirmed that our future is beautiful.

Society puts so much pressure on marrying quickly. And while some short-term dating marriages can last forever, that doesn’t mean it will for everyone. As the popular statement goes, “How you gonna tell me what’s best for me?”.

But, just to clarify, we’re not withholding marriage to prove a point. Honestly, we just don’t have a timeline planned out for when we will take that next step. Yes, I WANT to be married. So does Ryan. But our relationship doesn’t hang in the balance of WHEN.



But I respect him as if there were. It’s almost as if we have a hybrid dating/courtship relationship. Most dating couples are together for companionship, but aren’t prepared to marry eachother until they are engaged. Ryan and I have a totally different dynamic… In fact, I think the only thing a ring will do is give me a “wedding planning” card. We believe in marriage as God united two people together, but we don’t wait for God to be a part of our relationship until then. We date each other in preparation FOR marriage. We consult with eachother, make decisions together, serve God together, and so much more. No we didn’t save our first kiss for marriage, but we do refrain from you-know-what (Yes, I’m a dork and can’t say it.. hee hee).

I truly believe that Ryan and I met when we did for a reason. It was not God’s intention for us to marry right away, after all, we were YOUNG and had a LOT to learn before jumping into something blindly. But, the small window of opportunity when we met could have passed so quickly, and I can’t think of any other way we would have been brought together years later. I honestly think we may have went two totally directions in life, had we not crossed paths at that time. But God’s plan was for us to grow together physically, mentally, and spiritually.


My outlook on a lot of things has changed tremendously in my 20’s, but my vision of marriage has been the most drastic. Five years ago, I could not have understood nor appreciated what promising myself to a husband through God meant. And while, I’m the LAST person on earth capable of giving marriage advice (being so ill experienced and all), I may be an expert at dating- for girls at least! Heck, maybe God is leading me to mentor women in dating relationships.

Anyway, here are a few truths I have found about dating a man spiritually. I believe these are things I had to learn before I could commit my life to Ryan. A lot of them are painful realizations, but they’ve given me a better vision of a Godly marriage (what we’re working towards, NOT just a wedding) and for that, I am grateful.

  1. Un-equally yoked mates will never work out. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE HE IS! Yes, he can “become” saved, and you might even win him to Christ. But how can you follow him if he is following you?
  2. Pray daily for and about them. It’s not a bad idea to do that BEFORE you are in a relationship. Anytime you think of something you hope for in your future spouse, pray about it. “God, help him be more patient”, “Help him to humble himself”. Here’s a tip: Sometimes prayer works better than nagging. 😉
  3. I believe in only dating someone with the intention of marriage. Period. No reason to divulge further.
  4. I am a believer in the husband being the spiritual leader. I think part of why women are advocating independance and equal rights is because there are not enough strong spiritual men in the world. I don’t have ONE fear of getting behind a man who is led by God. Not one. You’re probably wondering why this last one is about a husband instead of boyfriend. Well, in my opinion, which is just that-MY opinion, I feel that you have to have some idea of HOW he is going to lead your relationship and family. I would have a hard time marrying someone without first discovering his approach through “pre-requisite” marrital leadership. However, I will add that this suggestion should be taken with caution and should be discussed openly with eachother. You should both agree on responsibilities and delegations before marrying one another. hat do you expect from him? What does he expect from you?

Ok, I’m going to wrap it up before I step on any more toes. I hope this post enlightened you to our unique situation. And for goodness sake, stop asking when we’re getting married! 😛

j/k it’s more awkward for you than us anyway! Haha!

God Bless,




They’re just excuses, but here’s why I haven’t been writing lately:

  1. Pictures. I’ve been taking advantage of this beautiful weather we’ve been having, and doing a LOT of sessions. It’s going great, and I absolutely love finally having a hobby!
  2. I’ve also been working on the Sharing the Good Things website in other ways. I finally re-organized the photography session page to be more user friendly.
  3. I’ve also starting writing Disney Trip Tips since I get so many questions about going to Disney. I figured another blog with info about Disney couldn’t hurt! I’m really loving that, and I’m hoping it’ll lead to more Disney writing ideas.
  4. We’re getting ready for a couple of vacations in the upcoming months, so I’ve been doing the “D” word. Yes, that’s right.. Dieting. UGHH! I’m not one of those people that can just “make it my lifestyle”, but I’m determined to be 10-15 lbs lighter by October. On a good note, I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen and discovered a few low cal recipes that I hope  to be writing about soon!
  5. I’ve seriously been working on a post for over TWO months about a subject near and dear to my heart. I’ve been so scared to post it because of the scrutiny that is likely to come from it, but I truly feel that God is pushing me to be open about the topic. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s finished and I will be publishing it soon!

Anyway, I didn’t just start a blog post to justify my disappearance, but rather to share something that has been on my mind during my Bible studies this week. I’ve felt led recently to spend a little extra time with God, by listening to the Word being read through my Bible app on my phone, while getting ready in the morning. I used to spend this time watching Youtube videos, and I thought it would be very challenging to give up this time, but so far, it hasn’t been hard at all.

I had originally started reading towards the end of the New Testament, and then for some reason decided to start over from the beginning, in Matthew. I’ll tell ya, listening to a book is a totally different perspective from reading one. I should confess that I used to make fun of my baby sister because she is always listening to a book on her kindle, everywhere we go. My mom and I laugh at her because she is often in her own little world when doing so. The funniest part is she is reading simultaneously, and if you ask her why, it’s because she can submerge herself fully into the story. And that pretty much explains my new morning ritual. Submerging fully into God’s will and message. Here’s the kicker… This morning? My message was:

Matthew 18:1-4

1At that time the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”Then He called a child to Him and had him stand among them. “I assure you,” He said, “unless you are converted and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child—this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Somehow the cliche “Jesus Loves the Little Children” song pops into my head when thinking about this piece of scripture. How he adores their purity and innocence. Their abundance of faith in such a small package. Their simplistic outlook of everything.

But this passage went deeper than that with me. It seems to me that the book of Matthew reveals a lot about Jesus resisting judgement and temptation. After Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days, He was unmercifully tempted by Satan (Matthew 5). He withstood the pressure, but that moment in time was a foreshadowing of what was to come. Anytime Jesus would preach to crowds or perform miracles, there was always someone that would approach Him and try to “trip Him up”. People didn’t understand why He preached so differently, in fact, one man asked why he preached in parables. Jesus basically told Him, that if that was what it took for people to understand, then wasn’t that better than preaching a certain “style”?

Two times, Jesus provided food for crowds of thousands, with food items in the single digits. Even after witnessing the first episode of  Jesus Feeding 5,000 with 5 Loaves and Two Fish, the disciples were fretting about how they were going to feed even less people! I mean, come on… Wouldn’t you think, “Oh yea, He’s got this. I’ve seen it before”?

But it wasn’t just the disciples that doubted Him. The Pharisees obviously had a vendetta out against Him, so their questions were subtle condescending accusations in the least. But Jesus patiently taught all of them a different way of living and representing Him, clearing the muddy water and explaining ritual vs. relationship.

He Taught Them to Have Faith That Moves Mountains

So what does all of this have to do with children? Well if there’s anything I’ve learned leading a 1st grade small group, it’s that kids hinge on your EVERY word. I know children aren’t perfect and don’t behave or mind all the time. And because of this, we assume they don’t listen to us. But they do. And they believe everything. Why? Because that’s how they learn- from you. Have you ever caught your child googling a question they asked you, to double check your answer? No! Because they believe…They haven’t lived long enough to be dissapointed (well, other than dissapointed that they’re not going to Chuck E Cheese, or eating candy for breakfast). Their let downs in this world are still to come. For now, they have the purest of faith.

Then puberty and life happens. We start to doubt. We lose trust. We start to worry. Anxiety is devastating. It can cripple our hope and ultimately steal our faith. Trusting God is the ONLY way to stay above water. We have to trust that He is in control and that our circumstances are for His purpose. How can I refuse a situation He has put me in, when the outcome can glorify Him? Why should I worry about the outcome when He cares so much for me?

Matthew 6

25 “This is why I tell you: Don’t worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Isn’t life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the sky: They don’t sow or reap or gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you worth more than they?27 Can any of you add a single cubit to his height by worrying? 28 And why do you worry about clothes? Learn how the wildflowers of the field grow: they don’t labor or spin thread. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was adorned like one of these! 30 If that’s how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and thrown into the furnace tomorrow, won’t He do much more for you—you of little faith?31 So don’t worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ 32 For the idolaters eagerly seek all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you. 34 Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

So don’t let the tempter steal your faith. Trust in God wholly, and “cast all your cares on Him” (1 Peter 5:7). He’s not just watching you suffer, He’s waiting for you to rest in Him. It’s time to be a kid again.

God Bless,


April Disney Trip Report

So, I recently made some modifications to my blog which essentially turned it into a website. I started out just adding a page for my photography, but after a trip to Disney in April, I decided to start writing about our trips to Disney World. Ryan and I are both Disney fanatics, and go at least once a year (since 2009). We always love reading trip reports, and since we had been about 8 times, I figured why not make my own?

I wrote the first trip report in 5 segments (1 for each day we were there), and just recently finished the last one… And then realized that since they were posted on a page and not in a post, my followers wouldn’t be able to see them! So, the reason for this post, is to notify you all, that the report is complete and ready for you to read!!! Feel free to check it out HERE.

We’ve already booked a fall trip, and I have decided to write about the planning/booking process over the next 2 months. Going forward, I will definitely create a post when I add a new tid bit page, so you can hop over and view it.

Anyways, don’t hate me too much from hiding all these new shenanigans… Afterall, most of you are friends with me on facebook, so you’ve probably already read them anyway. 😉

God Bless,


Mascara Monday Week 3… and 4…

Whoopsie! We’ll say I skipped last Monday because it was a holiday.. Yea that’s it!

Well, since you were so patient, I’ll skip ahead to the finale and throw  ONE more Mascara in this week! That’s right! 3 Mascara reviews! Not really because of your patience, more less because of my lack thereof. 🙂

First, I’ll be reviewing Revlon’s (one of my favorite eye product brands) Lash Potion. You can get this for about $5 at most drugstores. It’s in adorable packaging, which I would like to point out is VERY hard to photograph without a glare… lol


Pros: It’s pretty buildable. Nice thick brush for full lash coverage. I like the consistency of the solution.

Cons: While it’s buildable, it doesn’t add a whole lot of length. It does make lashes super thick, however if you have super thin or super blonde lashes, I would stay away from this.

Once again, I have applied the mascara on only one eye for before/after comparison:



Hopefully I don’t have to explain that the eye to the left is the one with mascara.

The next mascara I reviewed, I bought from my sister (shout out to Kiersten!). This is by Mary Kay, and is called Lash Love.



The bottle is plain, but don’t let that steer you away. The wand is rubber bristled, if you like that sort of thing. I do, but I know most people don’t. If you aren’t particularly crazy about rubber bristles, I would still give this a try. The bristles are longer than usual, and it  compensates for the normal stiffness of the nubs.

The one thing that hasn’t grown on me yet is what I call the “spider lash” effect. This is supposedly in. If I had to go with it, I would use this mascara because it is a bit milder than most.



This time the mascara was applied on the other eye.

Now it’s time for the Mack Daddy of all Mascaras!!

You’ve probably heard by now of Younique 3D Fiber Lashes. My friend Tara wrote about it a few weeks ago, and had nothing but wonderful things to say about it. However, I was hesitant to buy them myself, as I frequently wear contacts and had heard they flake terribly. Most contact wearers complain that they irritate their eyes. Since the product was about $36, I wasn’t willing to invest until I knew they wouldn’t end up in my makeup grave yard drawer.

So, when Tara got hers, she offered to let me try it out. I really didn’t have a problem at all! I bought my own shortly after.



Ryan called it James Bond Mascara because of the fancy little box it came in. The way it works is, you apply a layer of regular mascara as a base. One of these wands is a black gel, this is the second step. Then the second wand is basically fibers on a stick that you brush over the gel layer. After each fiber layer, you apply another gel layer to seal. Do this as long as you like (I do about 1 or 2 layers). I think the key is to seal the fibers really good. This keeps them from flaking off in your eye lid.

And here’s the result…

DSC_0027I could have kept going with the layers, but I really didn’t see it necessary! I am in LOVE with this stuff. It will definitely be my go to mascara for all special occasions. Even Ryan could tell a difference, and he normally can’t even tell if I’m wearing makeup or not.

And that concludes Mascara Mondays for now! I’ll be writing soon about a new cream foundation I got from Sephora the other day, so be sure to check back soon for that!

Thanks for reading!

God Bless,



Throw Back Thursday #Graduationstyle

Time flies is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years already since I graduated High School.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043


To the class of 2014…

You feel like highschool was a blurr, but your life is just beginning. I know you hate hearing that. You feel like you’re just starting to be an “official” adult. And you are! But just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility.

For some reason society has conned us into believing that graduating from high school is our segue into freedom. I’d say the only freedom we gain after high school is obligation. Up until now, you’ve HAD to get your butt up out of bed each morning to get to school, because it’s the law. College is another story. You were obligated to do well because you sure as heck didn’t want to add an extra year(s) to your education. College can last 4 years or 12 years, depending purely on your dedication. You were “obligated” to listen to your parents because they were your means of survival. Who else is going to put up with your crap, besides your patient and forgiving mother? Oh yea, and dad of course… sometimes. 😉

So now what? You may do like I did and dilly-dally in the college juncture. You may even finish- and WTG if you do! Or you may have other plans, and that’s okay too!

The most important thing is that you open your eyes to what is about to happen. Realize that THIS is your moment to start over. Whatever you have went through- whether your high school experience was good or bad- it’s over. Today is your fresh start. Don’t mess up this opportunity to take your first step into maturity!

Most importantly! Rely on God in everything you do. Trust Him, and ask Him to guide you. He won’t let you down. After this weekend, your “battles” will begin. There will be times where you feel alone, abandoned, like a failure. Keep your focus on God and His plan. When we trust that His purpose is sovereign, we can have peace in knowing it’s all going to be ok, regardless of how things look from our perspective.

If I had to do over again, what would I change about my last 4/5 of a decade….hmmm…

  1. I would have SAVED UP MORE MONEY!!! Whether you go to college and work part time, or go straight into a career: spend minimally. If you ever want to have something nice, be conservative with your money. (But also GIVE freely… Somehow I always end up ok, even when I give monetarily or non financially).
  2. I would have taken my parents advice more seriously. Not that I ever made a huge mistake, but they do give wise advice. And when you’re too busy trying to rebel, and not listen, you only hurt yourself. And I know you don’t feel independent when you still have to listen to someone. But that’s the thing… You don’t HAVE to. By CHOOSING to, you show more maturity, than trying to do things on your own.
  3. I would have planned out my future clearly, or set more goals. One big mistake that High School Graduates make is not making significant plans. And it’s really because you don’t know yet. I’d bet the 50% of college freshmans joining school in the fall are registered under “general studies”. So what? Give yourself a break.. You don’t know yet, but you’re heading in a positive direction! However, don’t let that plan carry on more than a year. Where do YOU want to be in 10 years? Decide and don’t settle! It’s YOUR time. Make it count!

Congratulations class of 2014! Your life really is just beginning. Enjoy it.

Make the most of it, but be responsible.

Right this moment, you are creating your future’s past.

Make no regrets, only good memories.

God Bless,


But Why?

I hate clutter…

I’ve been on a deep cleaning kick here recently, because the mood just hit me. Just in time for Spring! Yay! One pointlessly cluttering thing I’ve found that I have too much of is empty packaging. I’m the world’s worst at saving a box because I’m afraid I’ll need it to ship something later, or maybe I’ll need to return an item so I keep it’s original box. It’s dumb, but I can’t break myself of it. So I normally have a pile of boxes somewhere at all times. I hate when it comes time to sort through it and make a burn pile because I just know, shortly after getting rid of a box, I’ll need it for something.


So yesterday, I’m glaring at my box pile with despise and disgust. I’m thinking, HOW does it get this way? It’s like for every box I burn, 3 more return in it’s place… It’s unmanageable. I start thinking of the time it takes to constantly sort through it, break everything down… Life would be SO much easier without my box pile.


As I’m sorting through the pile, I start thinking about what things came in the boxes. The sad part is: I don’t remember half of them, because I’m an Amazon Prime junkie. In addition to the smiley boxes, the box to my Silhouette Cameo was in there, my DSLR that I got for Christmas, my new wax warmer that I’m in love with. Wow… If I didn’t have these boxes, I wouldn’t have some of my favorite things!

Ok, I know it’s kinda corny getting sappy over some cardboard, but it really made me realize how trivial my “first world problems” really are. And since that moment, I’ve developed a new technique for looking at my issues.


Every 5 year old’s favorite question is “But why?”. I decided that when I begin to complain about something , I have to ask why. Check it out:

I’ve put on some weight, and it’s just so hard to get it off. I’m tired of not fitting into my clothes. But Why?: Because I eat… EVERY night… EVERY meal. Sometimes more than I should. I have no reason to complain.

I’m ready for the weekend. This week is dragging by so slow. I’m exhausted. But why?: Because I work. I have a  job. My job gives me money. I need money. My job challenges me. It teaches me. I gain valuable knowledge from working.

My car is old and falling a part. But why?: Because I drive it. Every day. Everywhere. It gets me where I need to go. It also gets pretty good gas mileage. Because it runs, I don’t have to walk where I need to go.

 I really can’t come up with any more right now. But, I’m sure there will be many more in the near future.

Feel free to think up your own! Comment below if you want to share. Thanks for reading!

God Bless,



Do You Consider Yourself “Blessed”?

I’ve been ugly this week. Aside from waking up late constantly and not having enough time to get ready, my spirit has been ugly. It’s ironic because I’m helping teach little kids in children’s church about the fruits of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Self-Control, and Faithfulness. I’ll admit it, I’ve been pretty hypocritical… Blind to the fact until now, but I’ve been a hypocrite. Ryan and I were just laughing last week about how simple the Children’s lessons were, but how complex the lessons WE as adults learn from them are. We all have moments of struggling in our walk, but as a Christian, the important thing is overcoming it with Christ’s help and pressing on. This morning, that moment happened, and my self pity binge was over.

Sometimes I just flat out hate my life and where I am as a human. I have a lot to be thankful for, but as Ariel the mermaid says “Who cares? No big deal… I want more!”. And normally when I start “counting my blessings” I become grateful once more and can bear through until the next hurdle stops me. This morning that didn’t happen… This morning, I crossed paths with an old homeless man who looked to be about 90 years old, and was riding a bicycle with a big bag tied behind him and a large hiking backpack on his back. For a split second, I thought , “You know, I’m really petty for acting like a brat when I have everything I need” (which IS true- but that’s not the point).

I couldn’t look away as he rode in front of me. Probably going about 30, I only caught a glimpse of him, but it was enough. Enough to realize that this old, weary man probably wouldn’t be pushing himself up a hill on a bike with 50 lbs on his back if he drove a Lexus. He’d probably weigh about 150 more pounds if he never missed a meal. But those thoughts also made me realize that his circumstances made him a stronger man at his age, which led to the most profound question that may have ever crossed my mind:

Why do circumstances determine your wealth?

Not necessarily wealth as in money, but as in happiness, or blessings, or comfort. Why do I think I’m any more blessed than the homeless man because I have a car or a job? If I didn’t have either I would still be blessed. Circumstances happen because they are a part of becoming who God wants us to be, therefore they are all blessings. James 1:2-4 says:

Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

So when you count your blessings, do you count “things”? If you didn’t have those things would you still be blessed? Contentment is the thing I strive for- we all do. That’s why we constantly want more. But learning to be content with what you already have is a true blessing.

If you missed my contentment vs. satisfaction post, you can read about it HERE.

For information on how you can help the homeless community through one ministry in the Dalton area, visit or email Robert Hill at

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!



What I’ve been getting into lately

Hey-howdy, strangers! So I know I’ve been slacking, but I have a good reason for it! I tend to get really lazy when I become complacent and don’t involve myself in an obsession of some sort. So, I try to occupy myself with anything and everything I can.

As you know already, I got a camera for Christmas last year, intended for my blog and personal life. Since I found out I was getting one, I have indulged in many photography blogs to learn how to use it. When I say use it, I mean working it in manual mode… There’s no way I’m getting an almost $500 dslr and keeping it in auto mode!!!

Little did I know this learning process would turn into a hobby. In my last post, I mentioned that I was working on a set for an Easter shoot… Here’s the finished project (Don’t mind us goofy girls, we got bored on our brief break between clients.. Haha)


So, that chalkboard hanging in the background actually used to be a mirror. Thanks to Kasey Smith for donating her “100 year old”(slight over-exaggeration perhaps) mirror for my project!



I didn’t realize how simple it was to use chalkboard spray paint, but it covers REALLY well. I hardly had to use any at all to coat this board (More for future projects, yay!). I’ve seen DIY projects with chalkboard spray paint, and knew you could use it on a mirror, but at the last minute I thought of this awesome idea…. I sprayed the back of the mirror with the paint, instead of the front, so I can also use this prop later as a regular mirror!


Aside from picture taking, I’ve been trying to eat better. Somehow I’ve strayed away from my “new years resolution” (but who hasn’t at this point?). I’ve been eating a LOT of salads. Not just because they are healthy, but I’ve actually been craving them. Every now and then though, I need something hardy to hold me over. The other day, I really wanted a sandwich  my favorite fast food place (and also my first job back in the day), Schlotzsky’s Deli. This restaurant is based out of Louisiana, and literally makes their original recipe “buns” daily. My favorite sandwich is the Turkey Original. However, it comes on sourdough bread which is horrible calorie-wise, and also has genoa salami, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, olives, and mayo. I was trying to tweak the toppings to come up with a healthier way to eat it, when I came up with this awesome little “sammich”:


I swapped the sourdough out for rye, which is super yummy.. better than wheat, I’d say! And also traded the mayonnaise out for mustard. These two very simple changes saved me over 200 calories! So, if you want to try this delicious remix, just ask for the “Turkey Original, on Rye bread, with no mayo/add mustard”. It comes to 470 calories, and that’s for the Medium size, which is more than filling for me!

So, this weather lately has gotten me in the spring mood! My wardrobe has followed suit, although I have to throw on a jacket in the afternoon (C’mon Georgia, make up your mind on what season you’re in!). I usually fall in love with a color combo every time the seasons change, and I’ve already fallen this time! First, let me just say, I am in LOVE with Cobalt Bluenright now.. But alas, it does not love me. So- if you can wear it, wear the heck out of it!!! It’s gorgeous!

What I CAN wear, and probably will wear frequently this spring is mint and navy! There’s just something about the two together that attracts me to any piece of clothing with them on it. Here’s a few examples:

IMG_20140313_082650-2 DSC_1007

Last, but certainly not least, I have found a delicious substitute for the horribly unhealthy energy drinks I’ve been addicted to lately. It’s called xs and not only does it have plenty of B12 to get you through the day, but it also has no sugar! I drank my first one about a week ago with my breakfast, and I figured I’d be crashing by lunch time. I did the exact opposite, and actually forgot to drink my afternoon coffee! That’s a big deal if you know me..It’s made by a company called Amway that sells MUCH more than energy drinks! My favorite so far is pink grapefruit!


If you’re interested in trying it for yourself, you can order it HERE. They’ll deliver right to your door!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately! I hope you’re all having a great pre-spring! These next couple of weeks are going to me super busy for me, as I have a few more mini sessions before I go on vacation. You guessed it… Disney World. Can’t wait! Ryan and I are actually talking about vlogging this trip, so stay tuned!

God bless,




I keep thinking that I’m going to run out of things to write about, but then another topic just comes to me. I think I’ve finally discovered that the writing/thought process of this journey will never run dry, as I typically write about things I have experienced or struggled with firsthand. I’ve learned that the best way to write from the heart is to write about your heart. This topic is no different.

As I’ve said before, I have a planning type personality. It’s not that I stay neat and organized, but I mentally enjoy the physical process of organizing. For example, I will spend a whole day cleaning a room to perfection, only for it to end up in it’s original state a week later. And I don’t fret about it! I just take in the rush I get the next time I clean it up. It’s a really weird quirk, but it’s my quirk. So naturally when it comes to life, I like to plan it out too. Only instead of letting life mess up like I do cleanliness, I tend to stress. I guess that’s a good thing, right? I mean, we should all take life seriously… YOLO! OMG did I really just do that?? I don’t think that means what I think it means… Oh well, I digress. Regardless of the rhyme or reason behind my habit, I obsess over things a little too easily. No, I’m not OCD, but any kind of fixation on a matter or object is obsession. In my experience obsessions lead to unsatisfaction.

You Must Accept What You Are Given to be Satisfied.

There’s a difference between contentment and satisfaction. These two words are almost synonyms. In fact, they both reference eachother in Webster’s online dictionary. However there is a slight difference in their definitions:

Satisfaction- fulfillment of a need or want (source)

Contentment- a state of happiness and satisfaction (source)

Satisfaction requires your needs or wants to be fulfilled before you can obtain contentment. Contentment is simply the feeling that occurs after that happens. So, depending on your expectations and desires, you may go your whole life without experiencing satisfaction or contentment! However, God’s plan is sovereign and though it is possible to veer off track, His plan will ultimately prevail.  Therefore, if we align our desires with God’s, it’s inevidable that our success will be assured. While it’s easy to type that out, it’s not easy for me to remember. I often find myself doubting my purpose or path, as I’m sure most of you do.

There are two Bible verses that help renew my faith in these areas. The first is found in Psalm 37:4

Take delight in the Lord,
and He will give you your heart’s desires.

     While we usually read this as a promise that He will provide everything we want, I believe (as my parents taught me) that this verse means we should focus on God, and He will PUT His desires in our heart.

     The second verse helps me trust that God’s plan is what’s best for me. You would think this would come naturally since He created us and all, but I often find myself trying to incorporate MY ideas with His plan. Instead I should trust Him completely. Jeremiah 29:11 says:

For I know the plans I have for you—this is the Lord’s declaration— plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Two Truths I’ve Come to Learn

If You Live For the Future, You are Depending on the Unpromised

Sometimes I find myself so caught up in where I want to be, that I don’t get to enjoy where I am. I think this is common for people in the current time, especially in America. It’s great to have goals and aspirations, but don’t let them consume you! The only thing that is guaranteed (besides God’s providence) is the present. Instead of just trying to make it through your “valley”, make the best of it! Today is your future’s past. If it has to be a memory, make it a good one!

Learn to Be Happy With What you Have, Before You Ask for What You Don’t

Like I said before, it’s great to have goals and aspirations, but don’t dwell on the situation if you can’t control it. Make the best of it and look for the silver lining. But whatever you do, don’t ask for a better outcome until you have managed your current situation. You’re going through whatever you are for a reason. Find that reason, and learn from it. Share it! That’s exactly what I’m doing now. 🙂

Thought for the week: If tomorrow never came, would you be happy with your now?

Remember- You Only Live Once 😉

God Bless,


Let’s have a little fun!

The great thing about having a blog, is that you can express yourself in a unique way (if you’re into writing). WordPress has a great “dashboard” to see how much traffic I get, which is cool to see. Especially when I see a viewer from another country! Like Australia, Canada, Malaysia, etc… The bad part is, it’s a one-way conversation most of the time.. SO, to prevent that disconnect and to get to know all of you, I want to open up the “conversation” to YOU!

This week’s blog post, part 1, will be open for discussion. Ask me ANYTHING you want! Anything about me, or products, or beliefs… OR if you have a suggestion for a topic next month, I’m open to that to! If you can’t think of anything, talk about YOU! Leave your comments below, or you can comment on my facebook post.

Ready? Set! GO!


We got about 3 inches of snow today! It was a little hairy this morning on the roads, but it quickly melted off the asphalt and hung out a little while in the yards. Of course my inner child came out, and I had to play a bit…

The snow when I first arrived at work
The snow when I first arrived at work
Walt the Snow Penguin that Tara and myself made during one of our weather checks
Walt the Snow Penguin that Tara and myself made during one of our weather checks



This is what happens when you work with your best friends..
This is what happens when you work with your best friends..


I surrender!
I surrender!


Becky tried to tackle me, so picked her up and attempted to "body slam" her unsuccessfully
Becky tried to tackle me, so picked her up and attempted to “body slam” her unsuccessfully




Time to make snow cream!!!
Time to make snow cream!!!


Chocolate snow cream! 2 cups of snow 1 cup of milk 1/4 cup of sugar 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla exctract cocoa and Hershey syrup to taste
Chocolate snow cream!
2 cups of snow
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup of sugar
1/2 tablespoon of vanilla exctract
Cocoa and Hershey syrup to taste


Josie kept licking the snow out of my hand.. I think she wanted cream ;)
Josie kept licking the snow out of my hand.. I think she wanted cream 😉



They see me rollin...
They see me rollin…


Master of Construction
Master of Construction


Master of Fashion ;)
Master of Fashion 😉


Picture Time!
Picture Time!




Ryan says his name is “Mr. Snowman”… We couldn’t agree on a more original name like:


  1. Snowman Beiber (because he had grass swoopy bangs) haha
  2. Rocky Snowboa (because of his rocky face)
  3. Leaf Erickson (After the Viking, but because he had leaves all in his snow)


If you’ve written a blog about your snow day, please post the link below! I’d love to see the fun that was had in the snow!


January Five Favorites

*New Hair Dryer*Ipsy Goodies*Peds*NYX*

These are just a few of my favorite products for January. I am officially an Amazon affiliate now, so I’ve included some links below each product through my account. You’re not obligated to buy from there, but if you do- it’ll help fund this hobby of mine! 🙂

1. Rusk SpeedFreak Hairdryer

I never realized there could be so much force in a hairdryer! Of course, I’ve always just bought cheap $15 Walmart dryers, but my hair has always suffered as a result. This one runs about $70 on Amazon, but it is SO worth it. It’s like air from a jet plane… Ok maybe not THAT awesome, but it’s powerful enough that I can turn the heat down and not sacrifice time in drying. My hair has felt SO much healthier since I’ve started using this, and when I dry it upside down I have a whole lot more volume than I used to. It’s not glittery or zebra, just plain old black, but I love the functionality and performance of it. It’s ceramic and tourmaline, which will make your hair beautifully shiny!

untitled (3)

Read more HERE

2. Porefessional by Benefit

If you haven’t figured out already, I am a HUGE Benefit lover -BTW if any Benefit employees see this- feel free to send me free products ;)- so I was UBER excited to get a little Bene-Love in my Ipsy Glambag in January. At first, I didn’t really think it was going to be a hit. It’s a pore minimizer and I could really give two craps less about pores. BUT I started using it as a primer for my concealer (yes my under eyes are THAT tragic), and I became obsessed. If you have problems with creases under your eyes, and you can’t figure out how to keep your concealer from getting gunked up in those nasty suckers, TRY THIS! You won’t be disappointed… It feels amazing, and it’s tinted so it blends well.

untitled (5)

Read more HERE

Try a sample size HERE

3. Yaby Liquid Foundation

Also in my Ipsy Glambag this month, I received a foundation by Yaby. I wasn’t really familiar with this brand (Forgive me make up guru’s if that’s a big one), but I was really impressed with this liquid foundation. That’s saying a lot because I don’t usually wear liquid on my face. It’s very light (weight, not color) and blends well. There’s only about 3 different shades but I got “Buff” and it matches great. I think because it’s so light, you don’t have to really worry so much about the shade. The price isn’t too bad either at around $13.

untitled (4)

4. NYX Eyeshadow- Slate

I’ve always heard wonderful things about NYX eyeshadows, but I didn’t pay much attention to them in stores- mainly because I’m content with my Nude ‘Tude and Naked2 Palate. 🙂 But, I found the color “Slade” by NYX at a Goody’s store, and it looked like a good base color, so I grabbed it. The day I put it on, I had one of those “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” moments… I mean, this stuff has awesome pigment, and this color… Oh the color is so pretty on skin!


5. PEDS socks

Ok, enough with the make up products. Let’s talk about accessories. Well, not really even that. Just socks specifically. I haven’t been wearing flats much because it’s cold, and I can’t pry my frozen feet out of my boots lately. BUT- I found cute socks that don’t peek through my flats, and now my problem is solved. Most of you have probably already figured this out already, but I had to share for those that haven’t. I got mine at Old Navy, but you can find them pretty much anywhere! These have a little gel pad on the back heel that I like because it keeps your shoes from rubbing the back of your ankle- Pretty Neat! Just make sure the ones you buy, only barely cover your toes. I know that sounds complicated, but you don’t want to see the socks… That’s the whole point! 😉


Read more HERE

So these are just a few random favorites from January, and I’m already starting a list for February- Joy! If you’d like more information about these products, let me know. I’m actually thinking about doing a whole blog on the porefessional cream…

Thanks for reading!

God Bless,


New Name and New Site!


It’s finally finished and I am SO excited… You would think it had taken months, but it was really not even a week! lol

Really, I’m not even done with it yet, but I will save my idea list for a later topic… Let’s talk about what’s NEW!

  1. I now have a home page with a description! Be sure to check it out (By clicking Home above) and learn where I got the idea for the name (besides talking about GOOD stuff!)
  2. Tons of new widgets… I disabled the mobile version because otherwise 90% of you would miss out on those awesome little things. There’s some to the right (check out my blog suggestion that points you to my fiery red headed buddy’s page) and there’s also some to the bottom on my home page only)
  3. There’s the “about me” section to the right of the home and posts page..
  4. You can now rate my posts so I know what you all like!
  5. And speaking of liking… You can share my blogs on pinterest, facebook, twitter, etc by clicking the appropriate button below each post!

Ok, I give in… I plan to make a few more pages at the top. At least for my new Amazon Affiliates Program account, and for photo’s I take with my DSLR! So go ahead and browse around! Let me know what you think! 🙂

God Bless,


2014 so far…

hilda honda

It seems like everything has been crazy since my last blog post. On January 14th I posted my Clothes Challenge, and then BAM! Life happened.

On January 17th a deer hit my faithful little 2003 Honda Civic (yes it hit ME, not the other way around), taking out the front drivers’ side headlight and then ever so gracefully skimming down the entire drivers side of my car . It was dark, and I was alone. So, needless to say I was in a little bit of shock. So much so, that I continued to drive thinking the car was fine! Then, as the shock wore off, I noticed I could hear wind coming through the door. At the time, I thought there was a big gaping hole in the side of my car, which urged me to pull over. Later I discovered it was simply where the window seal had been torn off, and air was blowing in through the gap. 😛

I’ll save you the long drawn out story and just give you a few fun(ny) facts before skipping to the point of this whole story!

1. I have Geico, and my adjuster’s name is Mike…. I’ve been DYING to call him on a Wednesday and say “Hey MIKE! MIKE! Guess what day it is, Mike!” But I have refrained….

2. Apparently, I have really good rental insurance. When I went into Enterprise to pick up a car, it wasn’t ready due to some confusion. The employee that helped us (We’ll call him D, to protect his identity) said that he would have something ready for me that day by 12, and that I had really good insurance so he would find me something nice. I sarcastically replied “Oh you know, Ferrari, Lamborghini, whatever.. I’m not picky!”. He politely laughed at my corny joke that he probably hears ALL day, and then stated that from time to time they DO get Cadillacs…I return to Enterprise at 12 (Props to my girl, Becky!) and they give me this:


There couldn’t be anything more unlike my Honda than this 2014 Cadillac ATS. It has a screen bigger than my kindle fire that has Bluetooth, Pandora, Onstar.. You name it. And I still can’t find the CD player 2 weeks later. I did find a secret compartment the other day, though. Oh yea it has more usb ports than it does seats. Don’t stick your iPhone 5 in the compartment behind the middle console, or it might get stuck (Haha! Love ya, Becky!).

My car wasn’t totaled, thankfully, and my deductible is only $100 since it was an “act of nature”. Geico has been GREAT (and no, I’m not getting paid to say that). So I guess you could say it all worked out. Though, I never really worried about it, and here’s why:

I’ve had my car paid off for about two and a half years now. While most people get “New Car Syndrome” before the ink on their check from the final payment dries, it took a while for me. See, I was very blessed with my car. It’s never given me any problems in almost 7 years. It’s made it through 7 Disney World trips (about 3,500 out of the 270,000 miles). In short, we’ve taken care of it, and it’s returned the favor. Inevitably, the syndrome came, and I began to pray about it, as I do most BIG decisions. I prayed that God would lead me to the right car, and that I would not have to go into much debt to buy it. However, God’s answer was “Wait”.. Then pressure came from others who said “You can afford it, so go for it” or “Get a good car, you deserve it!”. I would reluctantly explain that it wasn’t time, although I didn’t understand why. And then January 17th came, and I realized the deer was why it wasn’t time. Had I bought a nice new car when I wanted it, THAT car would have been damaged and wrecked, sitting in my front yard.

Obviously, this was a lesson in trust, but some of the best lessons from God are followed up with confirmation. During my Bible reading/study time, I came across this verse that explains why trusting God is in our best interest.:

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11-14

“There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven… He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has also put eternity in their hearts, but man cannot discover the work God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and enjoy the good life.  It is also the gift of God whenever anyone eats, drinks, and enjoys all his efforts. I know that all God does will last forever; there is no adding to it or taking from it. God works so that people will be in awe of Him”

God knows what you will be facing before the situation exists. He knows what you want and what you need. My favorite part of the verse is where it says ” I know all that God does will last forever”. Why would you not want His opinion in everything? When you trust God, the weight on your shoulders is lifted and you can find peace in knowing that He is in control.

This is hard to understand when dealing with a death in the family, which I also recently dealt with.


I may not have been related to Granny Pendley biologically or by marriage, but anyone who associated themselves with her felt a family connection. I lost count of how many people at the viewing and funeral said she was like a mother to them. She was truly one in a million, one of the most self-less people I have ever met. She would do anything for everybody, and loved her family and the Lord so much!

Mamie Lou Pendley passed away on Sunday, January 26th 2014, which was also my sisters 21st birthday. Ironically, verse 2 in Ecclesiastes continues talking about time by saying “A time to give birth, and a time to die”. For whatever reason, this verse brought me peace from knowing that God took her in His time. And though it may seem too soon to us, His plan is greater than we could ever imagine. We can’t fathom what kind of struggle she would have gone through if our prayers had kept her on earth.

As we persevered through the southern “snowmageddon” this week, and patiently pushed out funeral arrangements until the ice melted, I tried to find a message in the madness. I feel like God was trying to again tell me that He was in control, and He knew what was best for us. At times it was discouraging having to draw out the process, but at that same time, it gave her family time to rest and remember. Not only did they get 2-3 days of bereavement, but most received 2 snow days additionally.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any amount of snow, but I have to say I like it’s infrequency! Makes it all the more special…

DSC_0098 DSC_0100 DSC_0054 DSC_0114 DSC_0084 DSC_0077

Ok, so this is an abnormally long post and I appreciate you hanging in here with me! Let me wrap this up by making my BIG announcement! Speaking about “time”, I have been praying about the direction of this blog, and I feel led to take it another step further by purchasing my own domain! Basically I will no longer have a url with anymore. BUT, before I do so, I want to change the name. This is something that I will carry for a long time and I want to have something more broad and catchy. I’ve not yet decided what it will be but I am open to suggestions! Whatever it ends up being, I want to continue striving to meet the standards I established when God gave me the opportunity to share my faith through a blog platform.

  1. That I put HIM first, and give Him all the glory, no matter how this journey turns out.
  2. That I never let it become a “rant” outlet or anything negative
  3. That I always make decisions through prayer and His guidance

Your prayers appreciated while I make this transition, and for the family/friends of Granny Pendley.

I’ll be posting my January Five Favorites soon followed by a spring fashion prediction, so stay tuned!

God Bless,