Why I’m Taking a Break From Facebook

If you had to become whatever it is you do constantly, what would that be? Some of you spend so much time on or at the field, you might be a softball or football star. Some work so much or strive for that next promotion, you may be a business owner or manager.

We often think that the things we do consume our lives. Me especially. I’m planning a wedding, preparing for marriage, renovating an old home, working full time. But consuming can be less than an action- it can be a mental focus.

Merriam Webster Definition:


adjective: consuming
  1. (of a feeling) completely filling one’s mind and attention; absorbing.
    “a consuming passion”

What are you allowing to control your mind and hold your attention? It could be an addiction (not just drugs or alcohol, but facebook or money). It could be a fear, worry, or anxiety (I have an inconsolable fear of driving on the interstate- stupid I know. But if you have any sort of true phobia, you know what I’m dealing with).

The phrase “You can do anything you put your mind to” has some sort of truth to it. Your actions are 100% controlled by your thoughts. Cooking a recipe requires reading the ingredients and steps, gathering the supplies, and being attentive to the time. Road rage is set off by anger or frustration. Even though you don’t have to contemplate before taking a breath, your brain sub-consciously works to make it happen. Decisions and actions all start with a thought…

When becoming a Christ follower, we are called to be “…renewed in the spirit of [our] minds” (Ephesians 4:23b). Paul explains that this is how we correct any corruption in our lives (by thinking Godly instead of worldly). That is because our thoughts lead to actions, and actions lead to consequences. Our minds are powerful, but they are vulnerable to what we allow to consume them.

I’ve noticed lately that not only am I consumed with spending time on facebook, but the “facebook world” is occupying too much of my mind. My mood is contingent on what the news on my newsfeed is whenever I look at it. I dwell too much on drama I come across on there. Yesterday I spent a solid 30 minutes watching some troll bash my favorite photographer on her own page….Yes, I’m pathetic. So it’s clear to me that I need to take a break from this distraction. I have so many more important things that I need God to help me with. This facebook detox (or intervention) is not for me to fill the void with anything other than God alone.

Lord, I pray that you will consume my heart and mind. Fill it completely and fully with your desires for me, and realign my compass to the path you have laid out for me. I pray that you will use this time to help me focus on prepare for more than just a wedding, but a life of being a help mate, and that you would block out any worry or stress that this time might be subjected to. Bring me closer to You. Renew my mind. Amen.

I will still be blogging on here, but won’t be on facebook for a while. Could be next month, might be after I’m a married woman. Who knows! lol But if you want to continue reading my blog posts, you’ll have to subscribe because they probably won’t make it to facebook (unless someone that follows me shares it).

So long for now, Facebook!



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